Got a business idea?

We can help make it happen with the Yukon First Nations Implementation Fund Trust.

What is Yukon First Nations Implementation Fund Trust?

It’s a Private Capital Fund that makes investments between $20,000 and $100,000 in Yukon First Nation businesses. The money may be used by approved applicants to help start, buy, or expand businesses.

As a Yukon First Nation entrepreneur, you may be able to access the fund to assist with the acquisition or growth of your business.
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Who can apply for investment funding?

Yukon First Nations, Yukon First Nation Beneficiaries (as defined under Chapter 28 of the UFA), and Yukon First Nation controlled entities may apply to the Fund.

If your business or business idea is viable and will improve local economies and/or provide local employment opportunities, the Yukon First Nations Implementation Trust Private Capital Fund may be able to help you considering you are unable to obtain financing from the usual sources.
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Are there terms and conditions I should know about?

• A comprehensive Business Plan is required.
• Depending on risk, interest rates can be anywhere from 7% to 10%.
• Investments will be held for a length of 3 to 7 years.
• Additional conditions may apply.
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Darren Taylor, Chair
Peter Johnston , Vice Chair
Kathleen VanBibber, Trustee
Eddie Skookum, Trustee


Elaine Chambers, Administrator
867.668.6925 extension: 225